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"We will samba all night in this futuristic groove"

On Drums, Robot 469
Jazzy Robots in a space club. Aliens all around. Space ships in the sky shooting lazers in dogfights. On Guitar, Robot 466, he uses heavy fuel we will samba all night in this futuristic groove

Very bold!
I really dig what this artist is striving for and it is quite unique! It is amazin that you got your ideas across using drum programs! wow! I totally respect this approach to music! Get a real fusion drummer and you're gonna blow em all away, I love your melodies and your rhythm makes a bold statement as well, great work!

The intro was awesome, very Dream Theater like in the begining, I like that particular, scale. and then it turns into a slight fit of jazz reminiscent of King Crimson. Really fit for prog. The keyobards are the icing on this song, I absolutely love them, but they fit perfectly with all the other atmosphere to create a complex, layered and contrapuntal form of music. Cool.

Truly the instruments stand alone well!
The guitar player shown on this piece is the most impressive i've heard on this site. He holds much control on his instrument and reminds me so much of Robert Fripp. Solid rhythm section that accents off-beats well. Love the keyboard atmosphere and effects. This reminds me so much of King Crimson, and that should be a compliment.

Wonderful instrumental piece..
I like the dark side of this music. This songs has some really nice musical transitions which makes all of the different parts of the song really pop out as important and dramatic. The quiet portions hold my attention and the rock portions bring the song to nice climaxes throughout. I also really enjoy how different instruments are highlighted between the rocking portions..a very classy rock song. Sensational ending to the piece. I could definitely see this song used in a movie soundtrack.

Man what a great intro,you cats must smoke some great shit! Lovely production drivin and hard mixed with so smothh and cool. Well produced cool sounds.

Very modern and very good
This song hits the listener full force. The guitar playing is very good and has hints of Steve Vai without out sounding like a clone. The drums and bass are very contemporary sounding and definitely fit the song. The mixing and mastering are first rate and really help bring the song together. All things considered a great effort. See you at the top of the instrumental rock charts!

Smooth rolling rif
Nice guitar chops bring the song in well as the harmony solo cruises in to bring you to the meat of the song. Nice change in parts as the song progresses. Beautiful melody lines stream through as the subtle drums jam on. Nice heavy/jazzy guitar solo in the middle of the song. I like how the parts change and intermingle with each other. Excellent job on this one!

De ranking van Loudcity. Een internet radio station. Dasinu tussen Muse, Motley Crue, Korn en andere grootheden.

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Garageband.com: Congratulations are in order! Your song did a bang up job in Round 1 of the Active Contest,and held its own against some stiff competition. It's been reviewed by folks all over the world, been subjected to raw, unfiltered scrutiny from people you don't even know...and guess what?.... They liked it! The blood, sweat and tears have paid off. Your song made it to the upper echelon of its genre, and will now move on to the next level to battle it out with its peers in Round 2, to be reviewed and ranked against the other top songs in their genre.

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Tunes From the Crypt
This piece was both ethereal and atmospheric and simultaneously grounded and focused. It was also haunting and spooking while still being heavy and rocking. The integration of all these qualities into a single song is quite impressive. The rhythm guitar riff gives it the heaviness. The lead guitar invokes the eeriness. The keyboard provides the ethereal quality. The song has a lot of detail and all of it is tasteful and functional. The guitar in the intro sounds Zappa-esque but the overall song has a Rush feel probably due to the bass being similar to Geddy Lee, especially after about 2 minutes. The riff introducing a theme and then being expanded upon was an excellent arrangement choice. The guitar sound in the solo is razor sharp. The only negative is a minor one regarding the voices sampled at around 2:10. They are only there for a few seconds and don't really add anything. Either having a little more of them or removing them would improve continuity

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Hans Soeteman
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